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PDF brochures, manuals, diagrams and software.

Media NAS & players Maczon OrigenAE PHT Wesena
A-Read it first.pdf     T-ITX-5/6 User guide.pdf Manual ITX2.pdf
  TC3 user guide.pdf Manual M10.pdf Annex to PHT T-ITX.pdf Manual ITX4/5/6/7.pdf
D1-Settings PHT players to work with your displays and audio system.pdf     ITX-7 and ITX-8 User guide.pdf

Annex to above manual.pdf 

D2-Setting PHT players to work with your server.pdf TC5 user guide.pdf    FLM-7 and FLM-8 User guide.pdf

FLM-7 FLM-8 Manual-2.pdf

Manual e4-Evo.pdf 
E-Setup instructions PHT-Jack/ (LiivJack).pdf   Manual s10,14,16.pdf  FLS-3 and FLS-4 User guide.pdf Manual e5-Evo.pdf


F-Android tablet as a media player.pdf   Manual S10, 14 & 16V_VFD-310.pdf FLS-7 and FLS-8 User Guide.pdf Manual e6.pdf

Manual e6V.pdf

G-Dune Configuration Guide - smb.pdf   Manual S16T.pdf   Manual e7.pdf

Manual e7T.pdf

H-Dune Configuration Guide - NFS Linked Systems - v1.1.pdf H100 user guide.pdf Manual s21T_1 (Old version).pdf

Manual s21T_2 (New version).pdf

  Manual HDD.pdf

HDD placement in e4 and e5-v3 .pdf

    S Series Cables & PCBs.pdf    
    S21T_TFT removal.pdf     
    S21T TFT LCD Part replace.pdf    

Manual T12.pdf


Wesena Remote Control

    Manual M7 Amplifier.pdf    Programming Wesena IR.pdf 
    Mediacontroller ITRans.pdf PHT IR-RC-Info IR-RC-manual.pdf
    IR221 wiring diagram.pdf   Important information about IR receiver.pdf
    IR310 wiring diagram.pdf   Pico PSU PPH-12-150.pdf
    VF310 wiring diagram.pdf   Connection map.pdf
Drivers and software        
  iMON driver for VFD310   iMON drivers for e6V 
    Touch screen drivers   Touch screen software
    Win7   Touch_Frame v.1-21-0629
      Bin file for IR receiver Bin file for IR receiver
      RC260-20120114-Alt-F4.bin RC260 20120114-Alt-F4.bin
      RC260-20120515-SLEEP.bin RC260 20120515-SLEEP.bin
      RC260-20141118-OFF.bin RC260 20141118-OFF.bin

Program for IR upgrade.

We are not responsible for any errors or problems during downloads.  This is a program we received from our partner.  You can use it at your own risk.  We use it and it works perfectly.
Programming IR.pdf first and follow instruction.