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Important information:

Control4, Crestron and others made some changes to their control software and it broke two way communication with the server.

There is a solution.  There are software packages which allow for two way communication for Allonics, Control4, Crestron and Total Control with our players.


  • Visit Control 4's Website
  • Visit iRidium mobile's Website iRidium is a software package to visualize and control any Automation Systems, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication that enables control from any device using any customized interface. iRidium has Kodi module that enables to contol Kodi media server from iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android and Windows based devices. This module easily integrates with AMX, KNX, Crestron and other technology in the home. Kodi module from iRidium mobile


Total Control




The best K-scape alternative? – Perfect Home Theater’s servers and players.
Any movie, any song, any room, any time. 
Entertainment is just a click away - browse & find your favorites by cover art via the rich XBMC/Kodi interface.
Start with server, from simple one with one HDD ($1650.00) up to high capacity in RAID5 or RAID6 mode. (Call for configuration and price)
Every system starts with the MEDIA NAS - a Drop-n-Rip archiving system that allows you to simply:
- Insert a disc
- Close the tray
....and any unencrypted CD, DVD, or Blu-ray will be automatically archived, with no other input! (No remotes, no buttons - just "Drop-n-Rip!")

For easy playback, use Perfect Home Theater's MEDIA PLAYERS ($840.00 and up) - which support 1-click access to:

- MOVIES (Blu-rays, DVDs)
- MUSIC (Online and Stored)
- And more!
...all at full 2160p and 11.1 lossless bitstreaming sound with Atmos or DTS:X!

Have a large movie & music CD collection to deal with?  Quickly archive everything with the "PERFECT JACK" - a 4-bay mass archiving device that handles:
- Blu-rays
- DVDs
- CDs
Just like the built-in drive on the MEDIA NAS - simply Drop-n-Rip your discs!
Only $1500.00

New for 2017
We improved our servers and players for 2017 adding more memory and using faster processors.  Remote support takes less time so it is less expensive for end user.

August22, 2016

Kaleidescape shuts down their business.

According to the forum post, the doors have been closed and all employees were immediately laid off.

Correction:  They are back in business

June 16th, 2016

Attention:  iPad and other "i" devices are supported with optional Plex Media Server. Client has to install Plex players on their devices.
Android devices are supported as players, they are tested and they work very well with our servers.  You have to install Kodi from Play Store.  It takes 3 minutes to install and some short time to set it up to your requirements. Manual.

April 29th, 2016

Perfect Home Theater, an integrated systems builder, chassis manufacturer, and full-service installer of Home Theater products, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire VidaBox LLC’s Media Systems division.  The VidaBox Media Systems division will be rebranded under Perfect Home Theater’s own name, with all future service and support available via Perfect Home Theater, ensuring a smooth transition for existing clients.  For existing dealers and resellers, Perfect Home Theater will be releasing a new line of products called “PerfectNAS” and “PerfectPlayer,” which are functionally the same as VidaBox Media Systems’ LiivNAS and LiivStreamer, complete with familiar features like “Drop-n-Rip Archiving” with movie and music playback.

 "We’re excited to pass the torch onto an experienced systems builder like Perfect Home Theater," exclaims Steven Cheung, President of VidaBox LLC.  "One of our concerns has always been the availability of future support for the thousands of systems we have in the field.  We’ve been working with Perfect Home Theater for many years, and have been known the company to be excellent in their quality of products and service – making it an ideal match for both parties.”

 Support for in-warranty systems sold by VidaBox LLC will still be available directly from VidaBox until the end of the warranty terms.  Out-of-warranty support, and services such as remote login support or system repairs will be available from Perfect Home Theater at a nominal cost.  All existing quotes and new sales inquiries will be handled by Perfect Home Theater, whose new “PerfectNAS” product line will be a direct replacement for VidaBox Media System’s LiivNAS and other offerings.

“We are excited to acquire VidaBox LLC’s Media Systems division, and to continue serving clients coming from VidaBox Media Systems’ division,” adds Zygmunt Wojewoda, Owner of Perfect Home Theater.  “I have worked with Steven Cheung for many years, and we share same commitment to quality and customer service.”

 The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  The acquisition is expected to close in May 2016, at the same time that the new PerfectNAS product line will be shipping and available – starting at $1650 for a single “Drop-n-Rip” archiving-ready unit.  Custom Media Systems with advanced features like RAID protection or anytime expandability can also be quoted and ordered, similar to previous VidaBox LiivNAS offerings.

 “As many of our dealers and clients know, our KIOSKS division for our iPad, Android, and Windows tablet mounts have grown tremendously over the past 18 months – far faster than any of us here expected,” Cheung continued.  “Due to the rapid growth of our KIOSK division, we had to make a decision to ‘pass the torch’ for our Media Systems product line to another capable, well-trained company so that we can continue to serve our existing client base best.  We certainly didn’t want to simply discontinue this feature-rich LiivNAS line, nor leave our market without support – and I believe our Media System’s division acquisition by Zygmunt and his team is the best possible outcome that benefits our customers and dealers with continued product availability and technical support, as we both grow our companies.”

For more information on Perfect Home Theater and their line of PerfectNAS products, please visit their website at, or call 617-965-6984.  For more information on VidaBox iPad and tablet mounts, customizations, or other items in the VidaBox family of products, please visit the company website at, or call +1 (844) 4-KIOSKS.

# # #

 About Perfect Home Theater:

Perfect Home Theater was founded in 2005, and is an integrated systems builder, chassis manufacturer, and full-service installer of Home Theater products based in Ashland, MA. Over years PHT has built over 3,000 custom computers and continues to enjoy BBB rating of A+.

 About VidaBox | Kiosks:

VidaBox | Kiosks allow any iPad, Android, Windows, or other tablet to be transformed into room conferencing displays, fully interactive kiosks, or other digital signage uses.  The company’s tablet enclosures can be ordered with custom graphics for a unique look, and be securely integrated with a variety of floor stands, wall, desk, & table mounts for a fixed, secured installation. The complete solution provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional custom kiosks, single-purpose displays, and dedicated touch panels.  When combined with VidaPower® charging solutions, power can be reliably delivered to any tablet over a single CAT5 cable at distances of 330’ or more – allowing these solutions to operate 24/7, maintenance-free.  Competitive pricing of the full VidaBox | Kiosks line offers exceptional value to professional designers, installers, integrators, and their clients. More information is available at or by phone at (844) 4-KIOSKS or +1 516-730-7500.

February 15, 2016

I am receiving questions about recommended Thin Mini-ITX motherboards.  Here there are:
Socket 1150
ASRock; H81TM-ITX R2.0.
Gigabyte; Q87TN, H87TN, B87TN, H81TN.
ASUS; Q87T, H81T R2.0, H81T.

Also ECSH81H3-TI2, H87H3-TI and Aaeon; EMB-H81B.

Socket 1151
Gigabyte; GA-H170TN.

Also Aaeon; EMB-H110B, EMB-Q170B.

November 14, 2014

On November 5 our T-ITX-6 chassis received Gold Award from PC Perspective.

August 08, 2014

Today our cooperation with Fabacom/Streacom has been terminated.  We will stay with Wesena and other OEM manufacturers in China.

August 07, 2014

All chassis build by Wesena will be sold by Perfect Home Theater and several authorized distributors only.

May 17, 2014

Seagate Technology has officially announced its 6TB Hard Disk Drives.
Amazon: $299.99 & FREE Shipping.
NewEgg: $299.99 & FREE Shipping.

March 10, 2014

Short pipes for FLM and FLS chassis are in stock, so chassis are compatible with ASRock motherboards.  More information in Technical Support section.

December 4 2013

We replaced some Streacom/Wesena chassis by Perfect Home Theater chassis.

Streacom FC5-OD-Evo are replaced by PHT FLS-4
Streacom FC8WS-Evo are replaced by PHT FLM-7
Streacom FC8-OD-Evo are replaced by PHT FLM-8
Streacom FC10-Evo are replaced by PHT FLS-8
Streacom F7C replaced by PHT ITX-8
Wesena ITX7 replaced by PHT ITX-8.

All sold out Streacom/ Wesena chassis are removed from offer.

November 26 2013

All Wesena ITX chassis - 20÷30% off!!!

November 14 2013

First Perfect Home Theater chassis are in our warehouse and we are shipping them already.

September 14 2013

We received invitation from Assassin HTPC to bring our chassis to their stand/booth and present them next to their equipment.

Would you like to see and touch chassis offered by us?  Please visit Assassin HTPC stand 3259 on CEDIA.  I will be there from Sept. 25 to Sept. 28 2013 presenting some of our chassis, OrigenAE, Streacom and Wesena.

September 13 2013

We received not even one preorder for NC1 neither for eHDD, so I assume that these concepts are DOA.  Removed from offer.

August 29 2013

Attention fans of Streacom line:  Streacom is offering first NC1 in Europe. 

I received few e-mails asking about this interesting model, so we are accepting preorders to find out how many people would like to buy it.  When ordering, please use credit card.  (If you use PayPal you pay immediately) I will NOT charge your credit card, I just want to know how many people are really interested in this nice NUC chassis.

If there is enough demand, we will import them from Streacom and sell in the USA .

August 12 2013

HDD-10 formerly Wesena eHDD chassis.  I received several e-mails from people asking about eHDD chassis.  eHDD chassis were not very popular so we stopped production.

We can build them if there is enough demand.  So we are accepting preorders to find out how many people would like to buy it.  When ordering, please use credit card.  (If you use PayPal you pay immediately) I will NOT charge your credit card, I just want to know how many people are really interested in such chassis.

It there is enough demand, we will build them and offer for sale in the USA.

This chassis - with fans and 250W proprietary PSU  - costs $300.00.  You have to add $85.00 per SATA card for 5 HDs, so if you need chassis for 10 HDs you have to spend $470.00, plus eventually additional $25.00 for controller installed in your PC.

It is possible that we can lower price up to 25% if there is enough demand for this chassis.

There will be new name - HDD-10 - and probably it will be sold under my company name.

July 01 2013

We got FC5 (FC5WS) finally.

June 26 2013

They didn't ship it until 6/21, but part of cargo is in Boston already.  Hopefully it will arrive to our place this week.

June 13 2013

I received firm confirmation from Streacom today that FC5-Evo chassis will arrive ~6/20. 

May 04 2013

Streacom just informed me that there is another delay in shipping, three more weeks, so - in the best scenario - my January orders will be shipped by end of May.

April 26 2013

As you probably noticed FC10 and FC9-Black are back ordered.  I don't have any firm date of delivery because all orders placed with Streacom are extremely delayed.  Orders placed and prepaid on 1/25 are not shipped yet.  I am reluctant to place and prepay more orders until I know what is going on with Streacom.

January 16 2013

Starting January 15 2013 some of Wesena products will go under Streacom brand, some will be eliminated.  Quality and prices will go up.

November 26 2012

One of my clients - T.B. - wrote to me:
I found a couple of things that I'm very impressed with that I thought I'd share with you.

1.  - Fabulous company for building premium custom cables for every brand of power supply. They can do any and every design imaginable. 
My - Best software I could find that catalogs and displays all my stored DVD's and Blu-ray movies. It runs parallel with Windows Media Center.

November 23 2012

I shipped several FC9 and FC10. Quality - second to none. This is what I like. Perfection, perfection, perfection.

November 07 2012

Origen VFD310 and IR 310 are compatible with WIN 8.

October 30 2012

SDD prices went down.  If you want to use one of our ITX chassis, you may consider replacement of one 3.5" HD by two SSDs.

Recommended bracket:

or similar.

July 29 2012

2012 London Olympics – The first to be broadcast in 3D

For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to attend the games, this year, there will be another level of realism brought to viewers at home. The 2012 Olympics will for the first time be broadcast in 3D. THX and manufacturing partners such as Panasonic, LG, and Sharp, encourage you to view the games on THX Certified 3D Displays. Just remember to turn on the “THX 3D” mode for the most accurate and realistic picture. 

May 19 2012

ITX1, ITX4, ITX5 and black e7 are in our warehouse!  I check quality of ITX chassis yesterday.  Every time I opened  box, I was smiling.  The quality is exceptional.  Their chassis are one of the best on the market. 

May 17 2012

Some people asked for reprogramming "Power button" to:

  1. Power OFF computer
  2. Go to sleep
  3. Hibernate
So I added file  RC260-20120515-SLEEP.bin

So now with standard firmware:
When you are on MC and press Power, then MC closes.
When you press power again you get window where you can choose what to do next with default to Power Off, so when you press Power again you power off computer.  You can change option to Sleep change user etc before pressing Power button.

When you use modified file - you put computer to sleep.

May 12 2012

Another delay of last cargo.  ITX1, ITX4, ITX5 and black e7 should arrive in our warehouse on May 21st. 2012

February 13 2012

RC260.exe file is ready for downloading in Manuals & drivers

February 3 2012

Wesena improved quality of their chassis to the top level.  Their chassis are one of the best on the market. 
The best chassis are carrying small, silver Wesena logo, like the new e6 model
. (Yes, there will provide chassis without front logo for system builders)

January 17 2012

Did you buy OrigenAE chassis without a display and need remote.  Get Wesena IR receiver and remote, install behind a window and you are all set.

January 15 2012

Some people asked for reprogramming "Power button" to:

  1. Power OFF computer
  2. Go to sleep
  3. Hibernate
So I decided to leave it like it is now.

January 14 2012

Wesena IR receiver works with OrigenAE RC153 and RC197.   There are some additional buttons on RC153 and RC197 no existing on RC260 - "Live TV" and "Movies", so we programmed these two buttons also.  (Thanks Kevin for pointing it out)  For details go to Wesena Remote Control.

After assembling another Media Center I found that “Power ON” from remote doesn’t work.  After testing several options I found that there are two version of IR receiver, unfortunately not marked, so these two connections are just a guess.  For more information, please look at Important information about IR receiver in Manuals or FAQ-Wesena.

There is also the latest bin file for IR receiver in Manuals & drivers.

December 20 2011

Wesena IR receiver has been reprogrammed by us again to support virtual keyboard in "SEARCH".   For details go to Wesena Remote Control.  We tested it in Media Center 7, TMT3 and TMT5.  Works fine.

November 19 2011

Wesena IR receiver - designed for Win7 Media Center - has been reprogrammed by us (Perfect Home Theater) to eliminate all bugs.  It means that in Mode 1:
  •  Channel + is channel UP or PAGE up
  •  Channel – is channel DOWN or PAGE down
  •  Info brings "Info" when watching TV, recorded TV or movies including movies under TMT instead of "Help" in Windows.
  •  Asterisk/Dot is a dot, so you can choose HD channels (like 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc.) directly
  •  Fast forward pushes recorded TV program or movie 30 sec forward
  •  Back pushes recorded TV program or movie 10 sec back.
Triple tap is still not supported in US version of WIN7 MC yet. (Works in Chinese version of WIN7 for some reason)

If you purchased Wesena chassis before November 19, 2011 and want to reprogram IR receiver, please contact me by e-mail, so I will send you program to change firmware in IR receiver.  Latest "bin" file is published on our website.