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Before you buy components for your case, check internal dimensions of your case here and check if your components will fit. 
Not all important dimensions are on that page so I am providing more information and warnings on this page, including information and warnings from our clients.


S14V and S16*

Remember than combine internal depth of S14V and S16* for Optical Drive and Power Supply is 14.8" (375 mm).
So if you want to use LG GGC-H20L drive be careful.  This optical drive is long!  Some P.S. will not fit!
I use Corsair Power Supplies in my builds.

Depth of some Power Supplies:
Antec Signature SG 850 7.1" (180 mm) It fits, but...
Corsair CMPSU 850 W 5.9" (150 mm)  
Corsair CMPSU 550 VX 5.5" (140mm)  
ZALMAN ZM850-HP 850W 8.3" (210 mm) Too long!

My client's sample:  LG GGC-H20L BD/HD-ROM COMBO and Antec Signature SG 850


GIGABYTE GV-R485MC-1GI graphics card requires assembly with cage removed from the case.

It is what I recommend anyway.

CPU coolers:

The Scythe Mini Ninja doesn't fit the S14V on some motherboard, but is OK in S16*.


Some motherboards have angled IDE and sometimes even angled SATA connectors on the edge of MoBo.


There is a conflict between cables and HD cage
 when you use these or similar MoBos

No problem here.
Also no problem when Motherboard is only 9" deep
instead of 9.5" or 9.6" 

Look at this drawing, please:

There is no space for cables from angled connectors in S14V.

However in S16V there is space under cage for SATA cables.  Cage sits higher than motherboard:

New S16V and S16T chassis use taller post for HD cage.  Both lines of SATA cables should be fine, unless connector is exactly in line of posts.


I received confirmation from Scott:

Hi Zygmunt,
I have found something interesting that may be of use to other clients of yours considering S16v and a motherboard with outward facing SATA headers.  The HDD cage actually sits high enough that the lower row of SATA headers will pass right underneath the HDD cage without any issues.  Furthermore, if you use the short standoffs that are provided, you can elevate the cage slightly and have use of both rows of SATA connections on the motherboard, as the HDD cage will be above all of the SATA cables.  Doing so will not even raise the intake fan above the vent - it is still completely seated behind the vent.
Additionally, the Noctua NH-C12P CPU cooler WILL NOT work in the S16v, as there is not adequate clearance behind the optical drive.  I will be returning the one I bought and trying the Noctua NHU9B instead.
Possibly this will be useful to some of your future clients.


Don't use memory with high radiators in S14V!  Space under DVD drive is limited.  In this HTPC space between memory (G-Skill) and drive is 0.25" only.



There is a conflict between Intel DH57JG motherboard and older M10 chassis.  Intel uses different, no standard layout so some cables are too short.
Problem related to some motherboard.
Second generation DC to DC PX150-P1converter has better, but larger capacitor, which conflicts with 24 pin connector on Intel DH57JG and Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 motherboards.


Origen made changes to DC/DC converter, so there is no conflict anymore between new DC/DC converter PX150-P2 and power connectors on right edge of MoBos.  Power and LED cables are longer as well.

Please choose option" Long cables" if you will install Motherboard similar to above and your chassis will be shipped with new DC/DC converter PX150-P2.

There is no problem however with Zotac motherboards (recommended) and other standard ITX motherboards. (GA-GC330UD, Intel-DG45FC)