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Here are additional information and advices how to assembly HT-PC.
Before you start:

  •  Check internal dimensions here to find if your card and CPU will fit the case.
  •  Check this info to find if other component will fit or if they are in conflict with each other.
  •  Log to Origen website and download newest drivers.
  •  Read manual and than follow manual and my advices.  Don't have manual yet?  Download from here

    What is in the box?

Case itself.  Plain and simple. 
Power button, screen and front door.

Remote, manual, cables, screws etc.


Opening case


Unscrew top, rise back no more
than 2" and slide it back.


Here is the reason.


Inside view


There is a seal under cover


Cage for three hard drives


Quiet fan keeps hard drives cool


Two 80mm, quiet fans in S16V(T)
(Two 60mm, quiet fans in S14V)

Cables for front panel. Connect them all. 
If you don't connect molex connector, red light will not change to blue after power "ON"



Preparing hard drives and DVD.. 
Remove DVD cage and assembly DVD first. 
Set it up perfectly and install front bezel.  When DVD is assembled perfectly, then install motherboard and PS.


I strongly recommend to remove HD cage temporally. 
It's easier to hide wires and assembly long cards. (Maximum 9.5")


Cage sits on 1" supports.  You can use this space to hide some wires.


So does motherboard.  There is a lot of space for wires under motherboard


Space under motherboard


Black cables are hidden under motherboard.  I put both SATA cables under MB as well.


Behind the front door.


Space for unused power cables in S16.  There is a vent so let air circulate.


Keep cables away from front door.  Don't block it.  You may have a problem to open it

Space for power cables in S14V

Keep in mind that maximum length of PCI board is 9.5".  Here is a  HiPix card.  To install this card I HAD TO remove HD cage.


Don't use memory with high radiators in S14V!  Space under DVD drive is limited.  In this HTPC space between memory and drive is 0.25" only.


Two hard drives in this case.  You can install up to four hard drives total. (or even five with additional bracket).  SATA wires under HD cage.


When assembling hard drive do it carefully.  Rubber on the screws is soft and can be damaged.

Damaged screw .  Be careful.

Optional in SxxV series IR221 module installation.

IR221 wiring diagram for SxxT models

When you add IR221 to SxxV models, wire "5" must be connected to PHILIPS IR OPTION connector on VF210, instead of IR receiver - board "2"

IR switch must be set to "Philips" position.

VF210 wiring diagram for SxxV models


Still unsure?  Call me @617-965-6984

Remember to install drivers for IR receivers from Origen website.
Test if everything works before you close cover and install HTPC in your rack or shelves and connect to A/V system. 
You can customize screen information at any time.

Good luck and enjoy your HTPC.