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What is the maximum size of video card and CPU cooler that will fit in my S10V, S14V, S16V, S16T or S21T ?

We have created some diagrams to help explain the size limitations for fitting graphics cards and CPU coolers in our chassis. There are of course a large number of variables but with the dimensions below you should be able to work out what components will fit.

As all motherboards have different CPU socket locations we have shown a general safe area and the heights given below are measured from the top of the CPU to the top panel. For graphics cards another variable with some chassis is which motherboard slot is used and the number of hard drives installed as in some situations longer cards can be used.

1" = 25.4mm

S21T Max CPU Cooler Height: 180mm
S16T Max CPU Cooler Height: 130mm
S16V Max CPU Cooler Height: 130mm
S14V Max CPU Cooler Height: 105mm
S10V Max CPU Cooler Height: 76mm
M10   Max CPU Cooler Height: 70mm

For M10 chassis, the maximum length of VGA card is 180 mm