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IR221 installation.

To install IR221 in S**V case follow my advices:

Remove Hard Drives. 
These two standoffs are for IR221 board.

Disconnect one of Y splitter connectors.

Attach supplied Y splitter and connect to wire S-PUSB-C1 (# 7 on diagram)

IR221 wiring diagram for S**T models.  (there is Y splitter supplied instead of #4 in IR221 small kit) 

IR221 on standoffs


Remove wire #7 from PCB and insert screw.  It is difficult to insert screws with connector in.

Reinstall wire #7

Install PCB on standoffs.

Connect USB connector to MoBo


Disconnect power connector, install power splitter (S-PIRP-C1 - #8) and reconnect it.

VF210 wiring diagram for S**V models


When you add IR221 to SxxV models, wire "5" must be connected to PHILIPS IR OPTION connector on VF210, instead of IR receiver - board "2"

IR switch must be set to "Philips" position.


Connect wire (S-IRIO-C1 - #5) to VF210


Set IR switch to "Philips" position.

You are done!


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Good luck and enjoy your HTPC.