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How do I setup IR Trans to turn my PC on / off

IRTrans can be used to turn your PC on from a powered of state and when on can power down, hibernate or put the system into standby. This feature must be enabled in IRTrans by following the procedure below. It is also assumed that the VFD or IR Module has been properly connected to your PC (see wiring diagrams if you are unsure). Please ensure you have your remote handy to complete this prodedure.

1. Ensure IR Trans is running and right click on the system tray icon

2. Select learn from the pop up menu

3. Type 'SKPOWER' in the top box and click 'Open/Create Remote'

4. Click 'Learn IR Timing' and press any key on your remote control ensuring it is aimed toward the IR receiver

5. Type 'POWERBUTTON' and click 'Learn IR Command'

6. Using your remote control, press the button you would like to function as the power on/off button. IRTrans will learn this command and store. You can now close the Learn IRTrans Code window.

7. Find and run IRTrans GUI client from your start menu

8. Select 'Mode' then 'Device Status' from the menu

9. In the PowerON Remote/Command and PowerOFF Remote/Command boxes enter 'SKPOWER' and 'POWERBUTTON' as shown then click 'Set Mode'

10. IR Trans is now configured to activate your power button when the selected key is pressed on your remote. You now need to configure windows to perform the specific action when the bower button is pressed. To do this go to the control panel and select 'Power Options'

11. Click 'Choose what the power buttons do'

12. From the 'When I press the power button' choose the action you would like the PC to perform when the power button is pressed. You can then click 'save changes'