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Which HSF to choose?

I tested two low profiles fans, only two 23mm tall HSF available in the USA in July 2014:
Silverstone NT07-115X
and Akasa AK-CC7129BP01.
I was disappointed when I found that both fans are spinning too fast and making to much noise in my new chassis when tested with Gigabyte motherboard, so I test them on ASRock and ASUS motherboards also. I used ASRock FAN-Tastic Tuning and ASUS Fan-Xpert to compare them to stock Intel HSF supplied with CPU.

Please look at graphs.

Intel DTC-DAD03 Silverstone NT07-115X Akasa AK-CC7129BP01

As you can see Intel fan can be controlled very well from 981rpm to 3118rpm.  Unfortunately it is too big and can NOT be used in our chassis.
Silverstone however (I tested two of them and they are identical) rotates 2269rpm even with very low fan power = 10% and goes over 3700rpm.  It is loud and not acceptable for our chassis at all. *

The best of these two is Akasa AK-CC7129BP01, which can be controlled perfectly by ASRock FAN-Tastic Tuning and ASUS Fan-Xpert.  Unfortunately this fan is still too loud on Gigabyte motherboards because Gigabyte doesn't provide any fan control on Thin Mini ITX motherboards. 
So I ordered HSF with fan following different characteristics and this one works well with Gigabyte motherboards also.  Fan is spinning from 598rpm up to 2111rpm according to
FAN-Tastic Tuning and 6152265rpm according to Fan-Xpert.


Because ASRock and ASUS have software allowing fan control, both Akasa AK-CC7129BP01 and new PHT HSF are recommended.  For Gigabyte motherboard only new PHT HSF is recommended.

Sample settings for Akasa AK-CC7129BP01


You can set fan speed any way you want.  You don't have to follow my settings.

* I contacted Silverstone USA asking for characteristic modification because current one does not follow specifications pictured here:

They refuse to make any changes, so I don't recommend Silverstone NT07-115X in our chassis.  Too loud.