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Some answers for most asked questions are here.  For more - please email me.

Frequent asked questions:

Q: How much space I need for 100 DVD movies?
A: For 100 DVD movies you need ~0.6 TB of disk space.

Q: How much space I need for 100 BluRay movies?
A: For 100 BluRay movies you need ~2.6 TB of disk space.

Q: What is an advantage of RAID system?
A: Advantage of RAID system is that your movies are recorded on several HDDs and provide you protection in the case when one or two HDDs fail.  Your media are still safe.

Q: How can I control my player or players?
A: There are several options.  For one way you can use IR6 or Media center remote.  For two way control you can use free Apps, or following compatible Control Systems: Allonics, Control4, Crestron and Total Control.

Important information:

Control4, Crestron and others made some changes to their control software and it broke two way communication with the server.

There is a solution.  There are software packages which allow for two way communication for Allonics, Control4, Crestron and Total Control with our players.


  • Visit Control 4's Website
  • Visit iRidium mobile's Website iRidium is a software package to visualize and control any Automation Systems, Audio/Video equipment and Media Servers with full two-way communication that enables control from any device using any customized interface. iRidium has Kodi module that enables to contol Kodi media server from iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android and Windows based devices. This module easily integrates with AMX, KNX, Crestron and other technology in the home. Kodi module from iRidium mobile


Total Control