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Do I need IR221 for SxxV case?

You only need the IR221 with the SxxV if you want blaster support or some other small functionality that IR Trans won’t do.
The main differences between IRTrans and Philips solutions:

IRTrans good point:
  •  Supports XP, Vista, Linux
  •  Supports the VFD
  •  Can work with any remote
  •  Can support other software with programming


IRTrans bad points:
  •  Requires software to run
  •  Does not support IR blasting
  •  Does not run as service (new version might)


Philips good points:
  •  Built in driver for Vista (no need to install software)
  •  Runs as service so keyboard/remote will work before login
  •  Supports IR blasting


Philips bad points:
  •  Only works on Vista
  •  Will only work with MS remote
  •  Only supports Media Center
  •  No VFD support