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My new, ultra slim and small HTPC built on Wesena Thin-FC2-Black chassis.

Wesena presented to me fanless chassis for Thin-mini-ITX motherboards, I ordered two and I new that both FC2 have to be mine.  I love these chassis, I like how they are build and how they look like.  Chassis is only 210 x 210 x 50mm (8.25" x 8.25" x 2")

So I grabbed already tested for months ASUS Q87T with Haswell i5-4460 CPU and installed it in FC2.  Haswell i5-4460 CPU has TDP 84w so it is too much for this chassis, but I knew that I am not going to put it to the limit, just use as HTPC with Quad (CaveTec software).

I will focus on black one chassis only for now.

Opening chassis is very simple:  Put finger on back opening and rise a cover.  Cover has no screws, just magnets and fits very very tight, so be carefull, don't scratch it. (I didn't) When fully assembled you have to use small object to rise a cover and remove it.

I always assembly and test motherboard first, BEFORE inserting it in any chassis.  I set BIOS and keep MoBo running for several hours checking temperatures.  After than, when everything is perfect, I install WIN7, all drivers, test it again and start final assembly. 
This time I had to remove fan and install cooling pipes instead. 
Install IR receiver first, please.  Not easy with Mobo and cooling pipes IN.  There is a nice bracket for 2.5" HD, but I didn't install second drive.  This system is a streaming device, so one SSD is enough for me.

After testing, I decided to close this chassis.  I reinstall bracket

and put cover back

System is already working and working very well.