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Here are some information how to assembly HT-PC in ITX2.
Before you start:

  •  Read manual and than follow manual and my advices.  Don't have manual yet?  Download from here or send me e-mail and ask for it.

    My parts

Case itself.  Plain, simple and small. 
Power button, LED, IR window and ODD slot.

Remove lid by pushing from inside/back.  There are four magnets keeping lid in place.

ITX2 - inside. There are two spaces for HDD.  I recommend vertical one. (Red) When you install HDD horizontally, you may block air access to CPU.


I've chosen this MoBo for my system.  Low power, video output 1080p over HDMI and quiet.

I installed G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB memory.  This memory doesn't allow second HDD installation in ITX2 because of these radiators.


24 pin 150W PSU and AC/DC converter

I tested DVD player and also BluRay player in ITX2

Chosen HDD.  I like WD because they are quiet.  You may install SSD.


Turn chassis upside down and remove two screws.



Now you have to remove these two screws.


Bracket with IR receiver.  Connectors may be in conflict with some MoBos, including this one.


Remove plastic from HS!


Install PSU.

Higher radiators on memory = conflict with PSU and ODD bracket.  This is maximum memory height for ITX2.


Now you can connect monitor and keyboard, power your MoBo, test it and setup BIOS.

Temperature reads high, but HS and mobo under CPU is cold.  It reads 54 deg C from cold start.


If IR connectors are in conflict with your components, you have to carefully bend pins.


Remove plastic first.


Then very carefully bend pins properly supporting their bottom.

If you do it improperly - you may damage IR board or Power On and LED board.


No conflict with PSU installed in my Mobo.

HDD installation.  Proper way to install it.

I always test HD and even install OS on HD BEFORE installing HD in chassis.

I didn't have 40mm fan, so I didn't show how to install it, but it is very easy. 

You install it on the fan bracket first and install bracket with fan next to HDD

Two screws keeping HDD in place.



MoBo inside so time for cables.  I used 8" SATA cable for HDD

Please don't use memory taller than G.SKILL Ripjaws Series.

Install bracket.  Check if everything is correct, it there is no conflict between components.  No conflict?  Remove bracket and install ODD


Install bracket, fasten two screws to HD and four to chassis (Two in the bottom - remember?)



Now - software installation. 


Another system in black chassis.  Two fans installed. Fan splitter required for this mobo. HD connected by 8" SATA cable.

Both fans are identical NB-BlackSilentFan XM2


I use IR receiver with bended pins to fit in ITX2


and short cables I made myself.


No cable clutter in my chassis.



Good luck and enjoy your HTPC.

There are no (known to me) problems with these MoBos:

MSI E350IA-E45

ASRock E350M1


However some modifications - mentioned above - are necessary