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Here are some information how to assembly HT-PC in e5 using ITX Mobo.
It is very easy, but b
efore you start read manual and than follow manual and my advices. 

Don't have manual yet?  Download from here or send me e-mail and ask for it.

My parts

Case itself.  Plain, simple and flat. 
Power button, LED. IR window and ODD slot.


Use two levers to rice a lid. 

There are magnets keeping lid in place.

Remote and screws.

I've chosen this MoBo for first assembling.  Low power, video output 1080p over HDMI and quiet.


I installed G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB memory and tested MoBo before installing it into e5. 


Remove plastic from radiators!



24 pin 150W PSU and AC/DC converter as an option 1.  You can use FLEX power supply as well.


Assembling ITX MoBo in e5      

e5 - inside: Space for flex PSU, full size slot and MoBo.  There is eSATA cable installed to connect to eHDD chassis.


I am not going to use any card this time so I put wires under MoBo over PCIE slot



Case fans connected to MoBo by three Y splitters.

Two fans on the left are installed as IN and two on the right as OUT


HD connected by 8" SATA cable.  This HD is for demo only. I use WD 2TB and 3TB only in my systems.


Holder for two 3.5" HDDs with two fans cooling them.


System powered on, checking if everything is OK

Lid on. 

Time to install software


Good luck and enjoy your HTPC.